Disfigured ears are the weird trend in Dagestan

Disfigured ears is common among professional fighters. Cauliflower ear (also known as boxer’s ear or wrestler’s ear) is an acquired deformity of the outer ear, in which the ear thickens, wrinkles and folds on itself, coming to resemble a cauliflower. That is usually the result of blunt trauma, such as in boxing, wrestling, martial arts, etc) and infections.

In Dagestan, guys with disfigured ears are considered cool. So, many, who want to look extra fierce and dangerous, are disfiguring their ears voluntarily.

There are so-called “surgeons” in Dagestan, who perform this procedure. The price to disfigure the left ear is 2500 RUB ($40 USD), while the right ear costs only 500 RUB ($8 USD). The reason why the left ear is expensive, is because its visible to the other drivers and its sends a message, not to mess with you.

Here is the ad offering a “disfiguring” of ears in Makhachkala.

“Fast, painless and 100% anonymous!!! 500 RUB with numbing or 1000 RUB with an injection. You are not gonna feel the pain at all!!! I have a medical degree.”

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