Cab Drivers Use Dye to Punish Customers Who Don’t Pay For The Ride

In this recent video cab drivers (owners) making their customers put dye (zelenka) on their faces as punishment for trying to take a free ride in a taxi. The substance is called zelenka in Russian language and it is not the first time it has made contact with customers’ face. As an antiseptic, the liquid, can still cause burning to softer tissues, especially eyes.
As one of the cab drivers noted: “That free ride comes directly out of my kids mouths. We lose the gas used, as well as the time lost from picking up paying customers.”
Many people were still offended by this act, even this was not the first time cab drivers use zelenka to mark customers who didn’t pay. But the fact, that young women were involved, upset many Youtube commentators.

Update: The cab driver was fired and was made to put dye on his face as the punishment.

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