Irkutsk: Chasing a drunk tractor driver

Those who didn’t go into the depths of WeirdRussia, should read the post about Peter the Piglet, the Tractor Driver Meme:

Peter (Petr) the Piglet, a well-known meme in the Russian Internet, actually originates from a series of innocent 2002 children’s books about the piglet, where he would need a tool or a vehicle for some task, and would receive it after thinking about it. The tractor has become a symbol of emigration, regularly surfacing in discussions on this topic in phrases like “it’s time to steal a tractor and get the f*ck out of Russia”.

Recent news story from Irkutsk region coincidentally corresponds to this meme. On this dash cam video, a 39-year-old drunk driver, having stolen tractor, is “trying to leave” the beautiful Russia, but in the end, he gets caught by cops.


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