The City of Perm: Hiding Buildings in Repair State Behind Huge Canvas That Depicts China

In Russia, its a common practice to hide building in poor state or repair behind a huge canvases, when a higher officials are about to visit a certain province. On September 6th, the Russian president was scheduled to attend the meeting of the State Council in Perm. So, business park “Morion” installed a banner for the arrival.

Photo by Alexey Nechaev

The next day on the canvas the phrase: “Well, what’s wrong?” was added. Initially, residents of Perm thought, that the photo depicts the street of New York. But, in fact it is an image of a street in Beijing, China.

The canvas blocked the passage between the buildings and created a visual illusion for drivers. So, the banner was painted white.

However, internet users let their imagination run wild and came up with a few own images for the banner.

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