So, how does Putin feel today?

Recently, Putin drawings competition was held throughout Russian schools. While some thought, that this types of drawings by kids were disturbing, others found it as a sign of appreciation for happy childhood.

So, how does he feel today?

You are my sunshine by Grigoryanets Vitalina, 7 years old

Realistic by Pokotilo Konstantin, 12 years old,

Indian Chief by Alexandra Goncharova, 15 years old

Dangerous by Komur Nikita, 15 years old

Decisive by Izyanova Anastasia, 10 years old

Sweet by Savelyeva Adelina, 11 years old

Elegant by Dolgopolov Ivan, 9 years old

Tough by Kirichuk Platon, 9 years old

Cubical by Savchenko Veronika, 13 years old

Biblical by Litvinov Artem, 6 years old

Playful by Simchenko Sofia, 10 years old

Lucky by Sorokina Lilia, 6 years old

Sunny by Nazarov Nikita, 10 years old

Zamotayev Alexandra, 6 years old

Magical by Shemyakin Svyatoslav, 6 years old

Attractive by Sabantseva Maria, 8 years old

Indian by Konova Veronika, 11 years old

  1. February 14, 2018
  2. February 25, 2018

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