Statements of St. Petersburg State University teachers

To celebrate International Women’s Day, student of St. Petersburg State University decorated her classroom, with the sexist statements of her teachers.

“Lets see, if you have anything, besides your looks.” – F. Hanin

“Marriage oriented brain of postgraduate student, can’t conquer post-positivism.” – P. Vyhodec

“This monograph of war was written by a woman. Can you believe it? Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good.” – I. Tsvetkov

“If women get into the secret service, they will fight over wearing the same outfit.” – D. Tulupov

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An interesting addition from one of our readers:

People keep asking me why I don’t want to come back to Russia after finishing my research project in US.
Here is a substantial part of the answer. I want to live in a place where I am regarded as a human being.
More fun stuff:

“As it it is said, chicken is not a bird and woman is not a human being” – I.V.Ivannikov.

And more “fun” from my times in Moscow State University:
Teacher (to me, before the start of quantum mechanics exam): “Why does such a pretty girl with such long eyelashes have to work so hard to study quantum mechanics? You’ll get married anyway!”
“Homework for female students: write an essay on the book “How to speak and listen to a child” by Y.Gippenreyter, homework for male students: write an essay on any psychology book you choose.“


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