Russian Student Challenged Himself to Live on a Scholarship of 1,572 rubles ( $27.46 ) a Month

A student of St. Petersburg State University, Aleksei Zyryanov, decided to hold an experiment and see, if he could survive on his scholarship. He started the experiment by purchasing some household items for 100 rubles ($1.75). He got a soap, a toilet paper, napkins, a toothpaste, a laundry detergent and a pack of wet towels. During a month, he bought a variety of food. The list included: an oatmeal, a dark chocolate, bananas, some buckwheat, eggs, carrots and a cabbage. The student spent an average of 50 rubles ($1) a day.

His daily meals:

The student completed the experiment, being 11 lbs lighter and having one ruble left from his scholarship.

According to Zyryanov he wanted to prove, that even poor people can still attend the oldest university of Russia. However, he failed to mention, that he used the scholarship only on the bare minimum and only for a month. Expenses did not include bills, transportation and rent. He does not intend to continue the experiment.


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  1. March 25, 2018

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