Top 4 Unusual Russian places

Russia is one of the most diverse, rich, and astounding countries in the world. Russia is like a dozen of countries mixed together. That is so simply because Russia is too big to be boring. You can live in Russia for years and still fail to see everything it has to offer. But it pays to know what to look for and, most importantly, where. It is easy to get lost in enormously big Mother Russia. You can travel by land for weeks and even months and do not cross even half of Russian territory. Therefore, read the following guide to know some of the most interesting and memorable places in Russia.

Mount Manpupuner

Mount Manpupuner or Manpupuner mount formations definitely deserve your attention. It looks a lot like Stonehenge but, unlike the latter, it is not made by humans. Manpupuner mount formations look enigmatically beautiful. The location itself is incredibly rich. Even in Russia a lot of people haven’t heard about this mysterious location with strange rock formations. It really is difficult to imagine how nature could have produced something like that. Mount Manpupuner looks like it was intentionally carved by some mythological giants. However, scientists claim that these rock formations are the leftovers of a mountain that was in place sometime around 200 million years ago.


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A lot of people go to Iceland to see geysers and volcanoes. But Russians do not need to go anywhere seeing as how they can see that and everything else back at home. Kamchatka is an ecological and geographical wonder. Kamchatka peninsula has 140 volcanoes which is incredible. 28 of them are active. Come with you love one and make it into a romantic journey. Take your time to see the highest which is named Key Sopka. But, of course, the main miracle of Kamchatka is the famous Valley of Geysers which is a canyon around 6 km long. The river flowing there is called Geyser. You can enjoy hot springs, mud pots, colored boiling lakes, and steam jets. Take your time to ravel around to enjoy beautiful sunsets, fresh air, local culture, and rich views.


Sochi is the main tourist spot in the whole Russia. It is also the largest tourist city on Black Sea. Here you can enjoy warm climate throughout the year, fresh air, clean water in the sea, and magnificent service. Sochi has premium world-class hotels and looks a lot like French Riviera because of the many seasonal travelers who come here from all parts of Russia to escape winter. You can also enjoy the company of hot female athletes who train here annually and are themselves one of the greatest tourist attractions. You can visit spa, resorts, fashionable restaurants, and exotic nightclubs. Many people come to Sochi for dating because it is one of the hottest spots to meet new people. It really is impossible to get bored in Sochi.


Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. It is also the older, according to scientific data. It is one of the most popular sightseeing locations in Russia. The ecological zone around Lake Baikal is like nothing else in the world.
The lake creates its own ecosystem with beautiful flora and fauna both being present. It is one
of the cleanest spots in the Eastern hemisphere. Visiting Baikal you might experience unique tranquility and reach the inner peace. People from all over the world come here to enjoy this magnificent natural wonder.

Russia has many wonders. These locations are far from being everything Russia has to offer. But spend the time you have to visit as many as you can. Russia is so big and different, so diverse, and so interesting that many people who visit this country for the first time stay forever in love with it. Without any doubt, Russia will attract those who have a taste for natural miracles.


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