A man from Mitino dug “Lord, help Russia” message, that can be seen from space

The mystery of the message “Lord, help Russia”, which appeared on Google maps and went viral on the Internet, was revealed by its author. It turned out, that the phrase is a desperate cry of a local resident, who is tired of fighting for the environmental issues of his small town.

Three years ago, 55 years old Andrei Finochenko dug the message “Putin, save Skhodnyu”. It was meant to draw attention of the Russian president to the construction of a residential complex on the territory. In Finotchenko’s opinion, the place should have become a specially protected area, since there are clean springs and wetlands there, destruction of which would affect the ecological situation in the area.

“Lord, help Russia” was dug over a year ago. Finochenko dug every day after work. Each letter is about 20 feet long, 3 feet wide and a depth of foot and a half. He has been looking after the letters since then, because he did not know, when the satellite would fly by.

If this action of the activist does not attract the attention of the authorities, Finotchenko will not repeat it for the third time. Now, his main goal is to raise his six children.

via mk.ru

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