Vintage “climate control” system in Moscow

Photo by Anton Razmakhnin

These 100-year-old dampers are used for the inflow of air, ventilation. In cold days you can close them to keep warm and during the hot summer days you can get some fresh air. Located in Taganka, this artefact is the only reminder of the vintage, completely “extinct” and once very popular heating and ventilation system in Moscow. The creator of the “first Russian air conditioner” is Professor Silvius Boleslavovich Lukashevich (1850-1912). During the cold winter days, the vents were used to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, when Dutch furnaces were used. Now, the vents of Lukashevich’s system, which can be seen from the yard of a house in Malyy Drovyanoy Pereulok, are used only for ventilation. Modern insulated glass windows don’t provide enough fresh air, so the forgotten technologies come to the rescue.

Malyy Drovyanoy Pereulok


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