Water pumps that take card payments

In the Pashkovsky neighborhood of Krasnodar, an unusual piece of equipment was spotted by the city residents. Apparently, it’s the outdoor water pump, that takes debit card payments.

Outdoor water pumps (or standpipes), that dispense water in areas which do not have a running water supply, are common things in Russia. But all of them are free to use. Or at least they used to be.

There is a manual attached to it: “Place your card on the water pump to get water”. Residents are not sure about the cost of water, since not a single person tried to pay for it yet.

Supposedly, the automated water pump dispenser should cut the water loss, as well as to prevent an unauthorized consumption of water. Who gives the authorization for the water consumption still has to be determined. Meanwhile, residents are still taking a water from an old well, while figuring out the new technology.

Update: A week later the water pump got vandalized.

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