Flying car from Almetyevsk

Today, many think about the future of vehicles. Many concept cars are engineered. The prototypes of the most bizarre design appear regularly in sci-fi films and video games. This amazing creation comes from the Russian city of Almetyevsk. It’s a flying car.

Those, who think that this is some kind of elaborate joke, will be disappointed. This is actual prototype of a flying car that was presented at the Kazan exhibition “Aerospace Technologies, Advanced Materials and Equipment (ACTO) 2018”, which was open to public in August of 2018. There will be no changes of design, the production of the flying cars is planned exactly as you see it now.

According to the author of the project, the design of the flying car is well-thought-out. All that is needed for production is one billion rubles ($14,890,000.00 USD). Well, such a beautiful and thoughtful idea will definitely attract some potential investors.


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