Documents required for an Indian Visa

Visa requirements are obligatory, and everyone has to follow them, irrespective of the country to which you are traveling. Being the citizen of the United States, you need first to understand that there are a number of types of visas and you need to select the type of visa before applying for the same. Indian visa for US citizens is not the most difficult thing, and this should motivate you to get your documents in place and apply for an Indian visa as soon as possible. We have made a list of documents that will be required, but it is important to remember that the list is inclusive and not exclusive.

1. Passport requirements

While submitting your passport, make sure that you submit the original passport and not a copy of it. If the copy is submitted, the application will be rejected. Your passport should be valid for six months or more from the application date.

2. India visa application form

With certain changes of late, people can now fill their application form online. This should not be difficult for you because the details are self-explanatory. At the same time, online visa application forms help in saving time and long queues.

3. Proof of state Residency

While submitting your application form, be sure that you share a copy of a valid proof of address. State issued ID or your driver’s license will be the best thing to submit. Here, make sure that the document submitted has your current place of address mentioned clearly. Any discrepancy in the address details might lead to the rejection of your application.

4. Country of origin

If you’re a U.S. citizen, but of an Indian Origin, the list of documents and fees might vary in your case. If the applicant is of an Indian Origin, it is important that the applicant submits their documents accordingly. This is important because the procedure is different for people of different countries and one should look into the necessary documents and fees for their case specifically.

5. Age has to be mentioned in the supporting documents

While most of the documents shared by you will have the necessary details mentioned in it, it is critical that you note whether your age is clearly mentioned on the necessary documents or not. If the same is not clear or not updated, make sure that you look for an alternative so that the details related to your age do not create a hindrance when it comes you’re your visa application approval.

6. Other forms

There might be many additional forms to be filled and submitted, depending on the City and County from where you apply for your Indian visa. Look out for them and make sure that your application is complete for the process. Along with it, there are certain obligations to be met. For example, if you’re from Atlanta, your forms should have a physical signature. Digitally signed copies will
not be accepted in this case. Similarly, if you’re from San Francisco, the consulate will not accept any form that is handwritten. The additional particular forms should be typed and signed by the applicant.

7. Photo requirements

While submitting the application, a recent 2×2 passport type photograph should be submitted along with the application. It should be in color, front view, and should have a white background. The photo should not be stapled to the application form. It is advised that the applicant should not wear glasses for such photographs. If you wish to play it safe, you can even upload a photo, instead of providing a physical passport type photo. Along with this, there might be other specific requirements to be fulfilled; depending on the type of visa you wish to apply for.

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