Soviet Posters that Portray American Superheroes

Zoran Cardula, a designer from Macedonia, decided to do a strange combination of comic book heroes and Soviet propaganda posters.

The idea was to replace the Soviet heroes from the posters (such as workers, scientists, and political leaders) with nowadays popular comic heroes. This is the final result.

Spiderman “The revolution has a beginning but the revolution has no ending.”

Iron Man “The peace of nations!”

Batman “The glory of the Soviet nation, the glory of the pioneers of the cosmos.”

Hulk: “No”

“To the stars persistently and bravely, there’s no ending to heroism.”

Captain America “According to Lenin: live, work, and fight!”

Iron Man “Be proud, Soviet man, you open the road from the Earth to the stars.”

Wolverine and Joker “Friendship forever.”

Hellboy “Always with the communist party.”

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