Man erects a fake border fence in the forest and then charges four South Asians for “taking them to Finland”

A fraudster set up fake border pillars in the Vyborg forest and charged four Asian natives for “smuggling them to Finland”.

A man drove foreigners along country roads, then they went around the lakes, and “just in case” the fraudster took a boat with him.

Illigal immigration is a worldwide problem. A lot of people are trying to cross the borders all over the world. Unfortunately, there are individuals, who take advantage of people in despair.

A 24-year-old Russian man promised to help group of Asian natives to cross the border to Finland, in exchange for money: €10, 000 to be exact. Part of the amount he got beforehand, but the rest should’ve been paid after crossing the border.

However, greedy fraudster did not want to take any risks, so he decided to imitate the border crossing. He set up fake border pillars, signs and border post in the forest. Then, he led the group, along country roads.

Finally, the wanderers were detained by the the border patrol (FSB). Citizens of South Asia were fined, then deported from Russia, and their guide is being investigated for fraud.


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