The Soviet Book That Accurately Predicted Future Technologies Back in 1977

“Conversations about computer generations”, 1977

In 1977, the Eureka Publishing House published the book “Conversations on Computer Generations” (Беседы о поколениях ЭВМ), which was actually written a couple years earlier. The book was edited by Nickolay Buslenko. Vladimir Buslenko has written his book specifically for the young generation. The book was dedicated to the common life of both authors – computers and their use. Unlike their foreign counterparts, Soviet futurologists quite accurately predicted a future that was 43 years apart from their era.

Here the quote from their book:

Smart stove. It can be programmed for any sequence of operations, for example: slow thawing of products, keeping them to room temperature and then cooking in any temperature mode. Such a microwave oven itself will heat the roast by the right hour, for example, by the arrival of guests.

The smart VCR can play any of the 200 videos stored in the memory. A simple press of a button sets the microprocessor to search and demonstrate the desired part of the video.

Smart watch. One of the models of such watches allows the owner to enter any dates in it, say, friends’ birthdays, and it will remind you that it is time to buy a gift.

A smart washing machine performs all operations taking into account specific conditions: the type of fabric, the weight of the laundry, the degree of contamination. The humidity and temperature sensors installed in the drying compartment will select the desired (optimal) duration and speed of the drying cycle.

The first cars that use microcomputers have already appeared. The microprocessor that controls the carburetor is able to optimally plan the fuel supply mode taking into account the load on the engine shaft and the terrain.

The introduction of microprocessors in household goods creates special comfort for their consumers and significantly saves time and effort. The point here is not only the special convenience of handling such things, but also the very functions of the goods can significantly improve. And this will happen not due to the costly restructuring of their mechanical or electronic circuits, but through the optimal control of the processes taking place.

After all, such a micro-computer will be a kind of industrial control system (ICS):
There will be industrial control system (ICS) of a car, ICS of a refrigerator or ICS of a washing machine.

Next is the ICS for smart home. Micro-computer will control the heating and air conditioning system. It will control household appliances remotely. ICS smart home will have its own “data bank”, where printed press messages will be stored and, if desired, played on the TV screen; You can even program a selection of messages on a specific topic.

You can read the book online.

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