Russia has certified Covid-19 vaccine

Russia has certified Covid-19 vaccine. Putin says one of his daughters has tested the freshly certified Russian Covid-19 vaccine on herself. According to him, one of his daughters already took it and was fine: “a temperature of 38 on the first day, 37 on the second and that was it.”

The corona vaccine was developed by the health ministry’s Gamaleya Institute. Interestingly, one of its scientists is Natalia Guseva who played Alisa in 80s Soviet sci-fi cult classic “Guest from the Future”.

Thirty years ago, Soviet television miniseries “Guest from the Future”, based on science fiction novel by Kir Bulychov, was aired on TV. The series starred Natalya Guseva as Alisa Selezneva, a girl from the future that travels to the present. Many Soviet schoolboys fell in love with her, and sent bags of letters to her. This phenomenon was called “Alicemania” (Алисомания) and had a large scale. Here is some artwork dedicated to her from our archives.

Alisa in the film is an overachiever from 2084 who ends up back in the Soviet era where she teams up with schoolchildren to fight off evil shape shifters. Guseva became something of a sex symbol to Soviet teenagers in the 1980s.

Предсказания и прощание

One of these teenagers stalked her in her hotel when she was 15 and traveling in Belarus with her grandma: he climbed into a box and had it delivered to Guseva as a parcel. He became her first husband.

Natalia "Alisa" Guseva

Natalia “Alisa” Guseva

Not everyone shares Putin’s enthusiasm about Russia’s vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies wrote a letter to the health ministry yesterday saying the rapid development and subsequent lack of clinical testing will put Russians at risk. Reportedly, after taking the vaccine shot against coronavirus, 38 tested people who took shots developed 144 side effects. Doctors need to keep around anti-shock equipment for emergency treatment just in case something goes wrong.

Russia will make it available to the public on Jan 1, 2021.

The famous soundtrack from the “Guest from the Future” film is titled “My Fine And Distant Future”.

Прекрасное далеко

And it’s also in English on YouTube.

Прекрасное далёко ( на английском языке )

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