Abandoned Young Pioneer camps

In Soviet times, there were a colossal number of Young Pioneer camps all over the Soviet Union; 40,000 to be exact.

In the early 90s, after the collapse of the USSR, the camps were abandoned and it looked as if everyone fled and left them intact inside.

In the pioneer camps, they not only supported the health of children, but also raised a patriotic spirit.

Today, these are mainly places of pilgrimage for lovers of abandoned places. Unfortunately, a very small part of the former pioneer greatness has survived.

Camp “Kudryavtsevo” is located on the territory of the former estate of Samsonov.

During the Soviet era, it was common practice to privatize estates and use them as social institutions.

In the Kudryavtsevo camp there are 9 residential buildings, statues of pioneers and a playground with carousels. All this is slowly decaying.

“Chaika” pioneer camp in Polushkino was built in the 50s and belonged to the USSR State Construction Committee. But, the most amazing thing about it is it’s mosaics.

On the main alley of the “Chaika” camp, perfectly preserved Soviet mosaics can be seen from the overgrown greenery.

Hopefully, mosaics will get the recognition that it deserves, as a Soviet heritage and it will be the subject to state protection.

This children’s camp “Zarnitsa” used to be owned by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Research and Production Association Astrophysics”. A large iron rusty hammer and sickle with a globe at the top, standing in the middle of the camp in the bushes, are the proof of it.

The camp “Skazka” (Fairy Tale) was famous for its crazy sculptures. It was built in Soviet times for the children of the employees of the Children’s Literature publishing house.

Another confirmation that a person’s fantasy is limitless. And that time can make any art creepy.

Continuing the theme of time and creepiness. Just look at these amazing sculptures from children’s fairy tales in the camp “Salute” near Moscow.

Pioneer camp “Kaverino” in the Kaluga region, was built in the 80s for the children of employees of the Balabanovsky match factory.

The scope of the camp is amazing: many concrete buildings, a cinema, a slot machine room, an air raid shelter, a library, a first-aid post and of course its own amusement park.

Children’s camps are also about interesting architecture. Look, for example, at the abandoned “Leninets” camp in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Pioneer camp “Salyut” is in the Moscow region. Over there, a satellite model is located in front of the main building.

Former pioneer camp “Yubileiny” of the USSR Ministry of Light Food Industry, located in Kolyubakino. What a wonderful Soviet legacy!

Abandoned departmental pioneer camp “Ladozhets” from the naval base, located in the Leningrad region.

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