Russian Cyberpunk Farm


As gamers are waiting for the release of Cyberpunk 2077, Russian fans of cyberpunk genre are creatively anticipating the game. On November 19th, there was not only one of the last presentations of the gameplay, but also another video that went unnoticed.

Imagine, if Johnny Silverhand’s name was Nikolai and he lived not in the neon Night City, but in the not quite ordinary Russian village of Cyber ​​Ryazan. The guys from the Birchpunk channel decided to open the eyes of the community and showed a real, Russian cyberpunk. The future has already arrived and humanity is mastering new technologies. It’s easy, especially when your cyber village is equipped with the benefits of civilization.

Here you can find cyber-mail, robotic milkmaids, and even soulful Russian folk songs. Enjoy.

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