DIY Shrek’s house

Shrek's house

In Sovetsk, on the territory of the dendrological garden, Shrek’s house is open for public. It took a year to build it from scrap materials; 17 students took part in the process.

The author of the project was Andrey Vdovenko, the teacher of industrial training from the Suvod forestry technical school. In 2018, together with his students, he built a Hobbit’s house in the dendrological garden, and then the idea to build Shrek’s house came to his mind.

“One day I returned home, turned on the TV, and there was the “Shrek”. The house immediately caught my eye, although I understood that it would be very difficult to build. I would like to conduct quests here, because the place is very interesting, but so far this idea is being worked out.”


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