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  • Bear cub is trying to scare off passing trucks by roaring at them

    In Yakutiya, a bear cub was roaming around with his mom, when he noticed an approaching truck. At first, the bears started running away, but soon the little one decided to show who was the boss. The cub stopped and started to bravely roar at the truck. After making sure, that he successfully accomplished his […] More

  • “Beardog” is up for adoption in Chelyabinsk

    An unusual dog was brought to the shelter of Chelyabinsk. The dog looks a lot like a bear and because of it, the dog was named “medvebaka” (beardog). Despite the fact, that he needs social adaptation, Beardog will find a loving home soon, since he warmed hearts of plenty of Internet users. via More

  • Little Troll

    Capuchin monkey Yasha from the Krasnodar Safari Park does this with every careless visitor. via youtube More

  • Weird Creatures: Murmansk Fisherman Publishes Photos of Strange Fish Caught by His Trawler

    Murmansk fishing boat deckhand Roman Fedortsov takes pictures of fish he has caught. Photos of the most strange and bizarre fish, he publishes on his Twitter and “VKontakte” page. Some images have a description of the fish, as well as the place, where the fish was caught. These pictures illustrate multiple species of fish, that […] More

  • Viral Video: Gator in a Russian River

    Video of an alligator in a river near the city of Ivanovo goes viral. The description reads: “At first, we did not believe our eyes, when we saw a crocodile in the river Lukh, Ivanovo region. Apparently, alligators breed in cold Russian climate.” The video provoked many Internet users to leave humorous comments. Even curious […] More

  • A Russian Family Has Been Living With a Bear For 23 years

    While Russians are well known for their strange habits, the Panteleenko family definitely beats the usual limits. Svetlana and her husband Yuriy proudly call themselves the parents of Stepan, a 23-year old cute, cuddly and welcoming..bear. The couple adopted the animal when it was only 3 months old. Stepan, as he was unofficially named by […] More

  • Monkey Business

    A monkey named Fyodor in an oversized coat hops in to inspect a farmhouse filled with goats and chickens. Fyodor has a YouTube channel where you can watch him taking a bath, learning to use silverware and even enjoying a circus show. More

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