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  • Art installation: Gallows in the city of Perm

    As a result of a pension reform, the retirement age is expected to increase in Russia. Now, the standard retirement age in Russia is 55 for women and 60 for men. Starting from 2019, the retirement age will be 60 for women and 65 for men. More

  • Monument to a lost wallet

    Yaroslavl businessman and historian Jan Levin installed the monument to a lost wallet. Located on Sobinov Street, the monument attracts unknowing passers-by who are trying to pick it up, only to find out that the wallet is, in fact, the art installation held securely by a metal rod. More

  • “Trum Pum Pum” exhibition: Trump’s Life in Russia

    An exhibition named “Trum Pum Pum” was held in Ulyanovsk. It consisted of latest paintings of Vyacheslav Zhdanov. The artists displayed paintings, portraying Trump, but with a twist. The artist wondered how a billionaire’s life would be, if he was born in Russia. More

  • So, how does Putin feel today?

    Recently, Putin drawings competition was held throughout Russian schools. While some thought, that this types of drawings by kids were disturbing, others found it as a sign of appreciation for happy childhood. So, how does he feel today? More

  • Motherland by Danila Tkachenko

    Russian photographer set an abandoned village on fire to illustrate neglect, now his peers want to prosecute him. Apparently, the village was quite beautiful some 100 years ago. via twitter More

  • “Union of Soviet Surrealism Republics” by Viktor Mogilat

    Saint Petersburg based digital designer Viktor Mogilat created these surreal collages that illustrate the life in Soviet Russia. Viktor used to work for 2D Among Us art project. Today he creates his digital art for MDX art project. via More

  • Barbie and Ken in Soviet Russia

    Photographer Lara Vychuzhanina from Yekaterinburg recreated scenes from Soviet life, using the Barbie and Ken dolls as the main characters. More

  • One Minute Before Sunset: Nostalgic Video Project of “Massfilm Production”

    Russian video agency “Massfilm Production” published a video, where the old neon signs of Novosibirsk were lit up again. Once neon signs created a special atmosphere and were part of the visual appearance of the city, but after the collapse of the USSR were unneeded. The local authorities decided to just turn them off in […] More

  • Space Calendar 2018

    St. Petersburg based artist Anastasia Prosochkina created the Space Calendar. Instead of the usual holidays and days off, she marked the dates that are important for space exploration. You can support her project on More

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