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  • Illustrated Stories by Max Degtyarev

    Based in Moscow, designer and illustrator Max Degtyarev creates amazing works in his spare time. One of his illustrations, called “One Day of a Bench” recently was made into a gif image and went viral. More

  • Seven-year-old tattoo artist from Yekaterinburg

    Seven-year-old Jelizaveta from Yekaterinburg is on her way of becoming a tattoo artist. She trained tattooing on bananas, but her first client was her Dad. Lisa’s father is a tattoo artist himself. He gifted her a tattoo machine, when she was five years old. Lisa’s mother is an artist. She supports the daughter’s hobby and […] More

  • Sovietpunk – Cyberpunk with a Soviet Twist

    Imagine if Soviet Union won Cold War, what would cyberpunk look like in such a world? This is what Redditors are visualizing in their new subreddit called Sovietpunk. While some photographs are real pictures form the USSR, others are art representations. More

  • Victorious cats of Russian illustrator Alexander Zavaliy

    The Russian illustrator Alexander Zavaliy creates his art, by playing with paradoxes, combining contradictory things and seasoning them with an intrigue. The main characters of his humorous, and partially sad works are cats. Alexander finds inspiration in his surrounding environment. Mostly, his works are related to historical themes and allegory, though he often mixes genres. More

  • Two Russians are among the winners of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

    The world’s 10 best single photographs were announced, by the judges of 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. There were only ten categories and 105,000 entries to choose from. Among 10 winners, are two Russian Photographers. Alexander Vinogradov competed in Portrait, while Sergey Dibtsev won in Still Life category. Vinogradov’s portrait of the girl is easily […] More

  • Ridiculous fiction books that make Russians dumber

    While exploring Russia’s book stores and markets, you might stumble upon a bunch of curiously titled and designed covers. These books are written by Russian fiction writers and provide a glimpse into their minds. But, the books are in high demand in equally twisted minded folks in Russia. Apparently, there is a Vkontakte community “Stupid […] More

  • Traditional Family Statues on the Streets of Russia

    Statues of a traditional family have been created all over Russian cities, in order to promote traditional family model. Some of the statues show an expectant mother along with her husband, children and a pet. Images of the statues, that portray happy family; mom and dad with couple or more kids, went viral in social […] More

  • Russian Artist Creates Funny Dolls

    Moscow based artist Nataliya Grant creates dolls, that can make anyone smile. The effort she puts in each doll and attention to details is really astonishing. “I always liked dolls. First, I played with them. Then, I started sewing clothes for them. Later, I was making furniture and doll houses. With the birth of daughters, […] More

  • USSR-styled Global Brands Designed by Mikhail Levchenko

    What if global brands were designed in the USSR? St Petersburg based illustrator Mike Levchenko is a professional letterer and calligrapher. Recently, he created a project, that went viral. It is a series of illustrations, that depict the Soviet version of worldwide known brand logos. You can visit his website, VK and Behance for more […] More

  • Street Art by Sharik

    Like the famous underground artist Banksy, Sharik prefers anonymity and signs his drawings simply “Sharik”. His graffiti is done in a stencil style and is devoted to a social topics: mass culture, love, politics, power and money. WeirdRussia gathered some impressive works of Sharik, that decorate the streets of Simferopol, Crimea. More

  • Unsettling Art Of Oleg “Cmart” Paschenko

    Oleg “Cmart” Paschenko is one of the first professional web designers in Russia. Also, he is a digital artist, a designer, an Illustrator and a poet. Pashchenko was the head of “Art. Lebedev Studio” for eight years. After leaving the Studio, he taught at the British higher school of Arts and Design. Since, October 2013 […] More

  • Digital Artworks by Dmitry Bogolyubov

    Dmitry Bogolyubov is a self-taught artist and digital matte painting illustrator from Ekaterinburg. His main sources of inspiration are the space and Russia. According to him, cosmos fascinates and frightens him at the same time. To him, the space seems cold and incredibly beautiful. Well, the same can be said about Russia as well. In […] More

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