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  • Post office in Yaroslavl

    These are the photos of the post office №61 in Yaroslavl. Nothing has changed since the 90’s, and maybe the 80’s. The last year the display glass was removed and that’s all the “renovation” that was done.The place always smells musty. And people are actually working in there. More

  • Russia vs Australia: Pokémon Burgers Face-off

    In the midst of hype around Pokémon Go, Sydney café Dow N’ Out has started selling Pokeburgers, which resemble Pokémon characters with incredible accuracy. Moscow businessmen decided copy this idea and launched an own burger joint serving Pokémon Go inspired burgers. Lets start with the images of the Australian burgers. More

  • In Yekaterinburg, Empty Storefronts Replaced by Photographs of Flourishing Businesses

    In late 2015, in downtown Yekaterinburg shopping mall “Passage” was opened. The mall should have attracted new customers and local small business owners. However, almost six month later a lot of retail space is still available for lease. In order to not scare away precious customers, the mall administration got creative. They covered up empty […] More

  • A Cafe Devoted To Putin Opened in Krasnoyarsk

    In Krasnoyarsk, “President-café” has opened, which is entirely devoted to Vladimir Putin. Exterior is decorated with the Russian flag, and the interior is entirely devoted to the president and Russia. On the walls portraits of Putin are hang the way to form the shape of a heart. More

  • The Making of a Kalashnikov Rifle

    Russia is the second largest conventional arms exporter after the United States. Russia’s iconic AK-47 is known all over the world. In order to see how Kalashnikov rifles are made, Russian photo blogger Ilya Varlamov traveled to the city of Izhevsk, where he visited Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant. Formerly known in Russia as IZHMASH, a weapons […] More

  • Russian Film Directors Propose to Create an Anti-McDonald’s Fast Food Chain, On Government’s Dime

    Two prominent Russian film directors, Andrei Konchalovsky and his brother Nikita Mikhalkov, sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin, calling for government grants for the creation of a fast food chain patriotically named “Eat At Home”, as an alternative to western McDonald’s. More

  • Obama Toilet Paper Rolls are Sold in Russia

    Photos of toilet paper rolls with portraits of U.S. President Barack Obama, President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and some Ukrainian politicians are circulating in the Russian social networks. Allegedly, the toilet paper is sold in Nizhny Novgorod stores. The cost of one roll – 100 RUR ($1,5 USD). There is […] More

  • Sochi Restaurant Owner Lost Custody of Alcoholic Bears

    20 years ago in Sochi, a Georgian restaurant owner got hold of a couple two brown bears. While the cubs were small, they were used for photo business. When they grew up, the owner placed them in cage next to the restaurant. People flooded the place, wanting to see the animals, so the restaurant revenue […] More

  • Corporate Parties of 2014

    The end of the year is near. This is the time of corporate parties. Known in Russia as korporativ, the traditional event is organized even by small companies. In times of economic crisis, corporate parties are celebrated particularly well. The feeling of despair and uncertainty adds some flavor to the feast. Website BigPicture selected the […] More

  • After Sochi Olympics the place is falling apart

    Less than a year ago, Russia invested $16.7 billion in upgrading rails, roads and other infrastructure to prepare Sochi for the Olympics. Today was Sochi city day. On this occasion, the local government “repaired” the river railings, while showing remarkable ingenuity. The city officials have saved money even on the plaster railings. More

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