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  • Garage – Russian Men’s Getaway

    Many apartment buildings in Russia have a designated parking lot, but not a garage. Usually, garages are built farther away from a residential area. Many men love escaping to their garages and for them, garage is a home away from home. This is the place, where man is totally relaxed: it’s his cave.This is the […] More

  • Alaska’s Old Believers

    Russian culture in this place was once again ignited by the Old Believers, who came here from South America. Their ancestors fled Russia over hundred years ago, however,  they still consider themselves Russians. Russian prominent travel blogger Alexander Belenkiy visited Nikolaevsk, Alaska and has documented how the Old Believers live. More

  • How Do Russians Celebrate Birthdays?

    Birthday parties in Russia generally take place on weekends when most people are free to attend. So when one’s birthday falls during the week, it’s best to celebrate the following weekend. They generally last for both lunch and dinner. Russian birthday parties are typically scheduled either for the exact birth date, or a little after […] More

  • Weird Names of Soviet Children

    In Soviet Russia, officials encouraged parents naming their children “revolutionary names”. These unusual names were usually constructed of names and slogans of revolutionary leaders. Even though names had an artificial origin, every name had its ethnic background. For instance, Vladlen and Volen sounded quite Slavic, while Izaida and Izil’ sounded very Jewish. These strange names […] More