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  • Russian Student Challenged Himself to Live on a Scholarship of 1,572 rubles ( $27.46 ) a Month

    A student of St. Petersburg State University, Aleksei Zyryanov, decided to hold an experiment and see, if he could survive on his scholarship. He started the experiment by purchasing some household items for 100 rubles ($1.75). He got a soap, a toilet paper, napkins, a toothpaste, a laundry detergent and a pack of wet towels. […] More

  • “English for women”

    When it comes to gender inequality, English language text book is the last think you think of. Yet, there is an actual English language text book, which is discriminating women. The title states: “English language for women, English without fear”. The book is filled with examples of a daily activities, which according to the author […] More

  • “Where does the capitalist have his breakfast?”: How Soviet students learnt English in 1959

    Steve Rosenberg, a BBC Moscow correspondent, recently unearthed a Soviet English language textbook. In order, to make the book more relatable to communist students, authors included a lot of propaganda in it. Oddly enough, it can also relate to the modern society. More

  • The Online Community That Teaches Kids How To Get Sick And Skip School

    Social network VKontakte, known as Russia’s answer to Facebook, has a lot of weird communities. One of them, “How to skip school by being sick”, seems to be popular among teenagers in Russia. As the title implies, kids subscribe to post questions and help others on the ways how to skip school by being sick. […] More