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  • Public toilet with candles at the central bus station in Voronezh

    Public bathroom, located at the central bus station in Voronezh has no heating, electricity and water, since the beginning of the year. Toilet fee is 15 rubles, which is around $0.25. The place is lit up with candles inserted in plastic bottles. According to the manager of the bathroom Valentina Terekhina, the administration of the […] More

  • An Outdated Dental Clinic in Moscow Region

    Recently, a series of photos of the Dental Clinic N2 (Lyubertsky district hospital N1), went viral. At first glance, the building looks like an abandoned homeless shelter, but it is a fully functioning public dental clinic. Inside, there is a waiting room and long line of patients. The equipment, that’s being used is dated; to […] More

  • In the city of Omsk, everything is backwards

    Omsk city workers were spotted while distributing a snow in a snowy day. They were dumping truckload of snow on the streets sidewalk. Locals found it odd, that instead of cleaning the streets from the snow, workers were doing the opposite. As the press service of Omsk administration explained, that snow was collected from gardens […] More

  • Christmas tree at Moscow’s Gorky Park

    This is the time of the year, when cities all over the world are lit up and decorated. Moscow is not an exception. This year Moscow Gorky Park administration thought out of the box, and went for a horizontal Christmas tree. The tree is placed parallel to the ground, in the colonnade of the main […] More

  • Black Friday Russian Style

    It’s Black Friday in the US; the time of great deals and discounts. In order, to sell more goods and merchandise, Russia adopted the holiday as well. However, it wouldn’t be Russia if the things were going smoothly. On this Black Friday, some merchandise was actually overpriced, instead of being discounted. Such an obvious “sale” […] More

  • Icelander describes her visit to a Russian hospital: “Nightmare in reality”

    Iceland’s ballroom and Latin American dance champion Hanna Rún Bazev Óladóttir wrote a blog post about her experience in a Penza hospital. The post is called “Nightmare in reality” and it is illustrated with creepy photos and details of her stay in the Russian provincial hospital. After the story went viral it was posted on […] More

  • In Novosibirsk, teenager survived 23-story fall

    In Siberia, a 16-year-old boy miraculously survived, after falling from the 23rd floor. As it turned out, the guy just wanted to impress his girlfriend. The boy decided to impress his girlfriend, so he climbed over the balcony railing and hung on them. However, the young man could not hold for long and fell on […] More

  • McDonald’s Opening in Barnaul Causes Madness

    On July 1st, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Barnaul. Locals lined up for hours in front of the restaurant way before the opening. Eventually, customers began to push their way in, so security was forced to let people in restricted groups. Residents of Barnaul posted on social media, that they are ashamed of […] More

  • Russian High School Graduates 2016

    The most of Russian high schools graduations take place in May. Traditional ceremony in the schools of Russia and some other post-Soviet countries is commonly known as the Last Bell. A symbolic last school bell is rung, usually by a first-grader. Students, who are about to leave the school, wear the classic school uniform or […] More

  • Victory Day Parade in Pictures

    Today Russia celebrates the 71st anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat. The annual Victory Day parade commemorates USSR’s victory over Nazi forces in World War II.  Traditionally, people come to the parade with posters, soviet memorabilia and with the pictures of their ancestors, who fought in WW2. Here are some images from today’s celebration, that went […] More

  • The Things Russians Pledge To Do If Leonardo DiCaprio Wins an Oskar

    Twitter user @wylsacom asked his followers: “What will you do if Leonardo DiCaprio won’t get an Oskar tonight?” He’s got an overwhelming response from the Russians. Some answered the question, while others rephrased it in favor of their beloved actor. Either way, these replies are rather entertaining. More

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