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  • Good Hair Day Pasta Packaging by Nikita Konkin

    It is well known fact that, packaging is an essential part of successful new product launch. Creation of the eye-catching box increases sales and leads to a desired outcome. Russian designer Nikita Konkin came up with a fun design concept for packaging pasta. It consists of a box with a cut-out image of a woman […] More

  • Disturbing Things Russians Find in Their Food

    Today, a Petrozavodsk resident found in her bologna a piece of paper with the word “Hell” written on it. This news story prompted us to do a little research, in order to learn what are the recently found items in food in Russia. More

  • Russian Girls and Shawarma

    There is a new trending community on VKontakte social network called “Beautiful Girls and Shawarma”. The community is run by a Social media marketer Roman Bordunov. According to him, “the traditional Arabic food, shawarma, is gaining popularity among Russian youth.” In his opinion, girls and the meat wrap are the winning combination. In just a […] More

  • Stavropol Residents were Shovel-Fed Pancakes during Maslenitsa Celebration

    On February 23, 2015, “Yuga.Ru” news website published photo report of Maslenitsa celebration in Stavropol. Maslenitsa is known for traditional pancake (bliny) baking. Recently, on March 19, Russian Internet users paid attention to the unusual way of serving pancakes in the city of Stavropol. As “Yuga.Ra” reports, huge pancake didn’t turn out. Therefore, “cooks” scooped […] More

  • Buckwheat Panic

    For the past few weeks, Russians have been frantically buying up buckwheat following reports of the US and European sanctions. Buckwheat, or grechka as it’s known in Russia, is a fruit seed that functions as a more-nutritious alternative to most grains and is a regular feature of the traditional Russian diet. It can be the […] More