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  • Opening of Russia’s Victory Day Parade

    Traditionally, Sergey Shoygu, General of the Army, crossed himself while opening Russia’s Victory Day Parade. Today, Russia commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. The reason why he did this at this particular spot is, because there is a religious icon located above the arch. More

  • Paratroopers Day 2017

    Today Russia celebrated Paratroopers’ Day Day (VDV) This photo series is from Yakutsk. Its’ called the “Paratroopers of Good Deeds, 2017”. More

  • She Was Born In a Russian Prison and Became A US Marine

    First female infantry marines are about to graduate boot camp in Parris islands, South Carolina. One of them is 18 year old Maria Daume. Her story began in 1999, when she and her twin brother Nikolai were born in a Siberian prison. They lived with their convict mother for two years, until her death. Then, […] More

  • The Russian aircraft carrier meme

    Recent report about the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, that billowed smoke as it passed through the North Sea and the English Channel, became an inspiration for jokes on the Internet. Some named this occurrence “the happy steamship weekend”. 30 year old ageing aircraft carrier was envisioned as “the latest display of Russian power projection”. […] More

  • Russian Army Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds UAZ-469 in Four Minutes

    As the 2016 Olympics are about to start, we decide to offer rather unusual and peaceful competition between countries. Here is an impressive performance by the Russian military, that can be matched by the Canadian and American military. Russian military crew managed to disassemble and put together UAZ-469: an off-road military light utility vehicle, in […] More

  • Paratroopers’ Day in Russia

    On August 2, Paratrooper Day is celebrated in Russia. Annually, more than a million active and retired soldiers spread to the streets to mark the occasion. Russian paratroopers are easy to spot, with their blue striped sleeveless t-shirts and blue berets. Usually, they wander around the streets, drinking vodka and taking a leap into fountains. […] More

  • Russian army pulls up WWII T-34 tank from bottom of the Don River

    The world’s only surviving T-34-76 tank was pulled out of the Don river near Voronezh today. Discovered tank is the world’s only preserved tank of this type. In 1942, 600-1000 units were produced, that went from the Stalingrad tractor plant directly into combat. Allegedly, the tank fell through the ice while crossing the river when […] More

  • Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Compared Russian Women to Terminator

    Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and head of defense industry, Dmitry Rogozin, surprised his followers on Facebook by posting a video of a military exercise, with the participation of a woman. The footage shows a brave woman on a minefield. Dressed in a protective suit, she calmly walks through explosions, plumes of smoke and fire. The […] More

  • Russian Army Pin-Up Art by Andrew Tarusov

    To commemorate the Defenders of the Fatherland Day, Moscow based illustrator and graphic artist Andrew Tarusov created Russian Army Pin-Up series. Andrew designed a unique pin-up art poster for each branch of military. More

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