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  • The field of cannabis near the Supreme Court in Khakassia

    Residents of Abakan took these photos of cannabis growing near the Supreme Court building. The photos went viral in social networks. Judging by its size, it is very difficult not to notice the field of weed. However, the law enforcement still manages to ignore it. More

  • In Ural, a kindergarten got barbed wire fence

    At the first glance, it may look like a high security penitentiary, however it is a kindergarten yard. In Serov a fence of a kindergarten “Topolek” was surrounded with barbed wire. While there are some speculations, the official reason behind it is unknown. Some assume, that it was done, “so children get used to Russian […] More

  • Patients of the regional hospital in Kamchatka will be treated with prayer

    Kamchatka eparchy and regional hospital of A. Lukashevsky signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed by Archbishop Artemy of Petropavlovsk and Kamchatka, and chief of hospital staff Olga Zubkova. Physicians and priests came to a conclusion, that the body and soul are inseparable. More

  • Putin opens 12-mile bridge between Crimea and Russian mainland, drives a truck

    On Tuesday Putin drove an orange Kamaz truck across the bridge as he opened the road to car traffic. “In different historical epochs, even under the tsar priests, people dreamed of building this bridge,” Putin told workers at the ceremony. – More

  • Ermak: New Russian smartphone that doesn’t let you install foreign-made apps

    Russian State tv aired a news segment about the new Russian smartphone. “We can see and control all user activities and even turn off their Internet. The most interesting part is, that the Ermak smartphone won’t support any popular foreign services. All needed software will be preinstalled and all data will be transferred via secure […] More

  • In Chelyabinks, health care workers use body bags to pick up garbage

    It’s that time of the year, when residents of Russian cities clean up their neighbourhoods. The city of Chelyabinsk is not an exception. Local hospital administration, asked health care workers to clean the backyard. When run out of garbage bags, naturally, health care workers used body bags. via More

  • Apocalyptical news

    Russian State TV lists emergency survival food supply to take with you into a bomb shelter: – rice – oat – canned food – olive oil – sugar – milk powder More

  • Russian Student Challenged Himself to Live on a Scholarship of 1,572 rubles ( $27.46 ) a Month

    A student of St. Petersburg State University, Aleksei Zyryanov, decided to hold an experiment and see, if he could survive on his scholarship. He started the experiment by purchasing some household items for 100 rubles ($1.75). He got a soap, a toilet paper, napkins, a toothpaste, a laundry detergent and a pack of wet towels. […] More

  • 9 tons of gold spilled out of a cargo plane in Yakutsk

    It may seem like a movie scene, but the plane actually lost tons of gold, during take off. The An-12 took off in Yakutsk, but the cargo hatch fell off and the gold bars showered upon fields, like a manna from heaven. In total, there were 9 tons of gold on board, valued almost 22 […] More

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