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  • Orthodox Icons and Traffic Accidents

    On November 18, 2017, on the most dangerous stretch of the road “Temryuk-Krasnodar”, Orthodox procession took place on the eve of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. The procession was organized and led by the local traffic police. Many Russians drive around with Orthodox icons in their vehicles. And many ask their local […] More

  • Monument to an anchovy: sign of appreciation

    On 4th of October 2017, a monument to an anchovy was opened in Novorossiysk. During the WW2, fishing saved the city residents from starvation. According to the local media, this is the only monument to an anchovy in the world. However, just in a couple of weeks, residents of Novorossiysk began gradually stealing pieces of […] More

  • People stranded on roller coaster in Sochi

    In the Sochi amusement park, a roller coaster broke down and people were hanging upside down while waiting for it to be fixed. The press service of Sochi Park confirmed the fact of the incident. The situation was explained by the “sudden gusts of wind”. via More

  • Seven-year-old tattoo artist from Yekaterinburg

    Seven-year-old Jelizaveta from Yekaterinburg is on her way of becoming a tattoo artist. She trained tattooing on bananas, but her first client was her Dad. Lisa’s father is a tattoo artist himself. He gifted her a tattoo machine, when she was five years old. Lisa’s mother is an artist. She supports the daughter’s hobby and […] More

  • Paratroopers Day 2017

    Today Russia celebrated Paratroopers’ Day Day (VDV) This photo series is from Yakutsk. Its’ called the “Paratroopers of Good Deeds, 2017”. More

  • Anti-Putin Protests Met by Riot Police, Soviet Troops and Medieval Warriors

    On June 12, 2017, simultaneously in many cities across the country, protests against alleged corruption in the Russian federal government took place. The surreal images came from Moscow Tverskaya Street, where Moscow was planning a historical reenactment festival, however, Navalny has moved his protest over there. 150k people were expected. Navalny was warned by the […] More

  • Masha and the Bear Cartoon as a Propaganda Tool

    The Baltic states got so wrapped up in paranoia, that they see an enemy even in a children’s cartoon. The Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear” is translated into over 30 languages. And it is one of the most popular cartoon series in the world. Yet, Estonians sought a hidden agenda in it and tried […] More

  • Hot Tours to Donbass

    The war in the South-East Ukraine is not over yet. But, the “Young Donetsk Republic” has started to develop its tourism and offers seriously hot tours. Russian blogger Alexandr Belenky came across an ad. The bus tour starts in Rostov-on-Don and lasts three days. Travelers will be able to see the Donbass Arena, Donetsk Airport […] More

  • Hollywood stars congratulate Kopeysk residents on Victory Day

    The editorial office of the Kopeisky Rabochy (Kopeiskian Worker) newspaper, received a congratulatory email from Hollywood. The email included pictures of world stars posing with the newspaper. Among the actors were: Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio. This way, the actors congratulated residents of Kopeysk, on Victory Day. An unusual […] More

  • A husband filled his wife’s car with concrete

    In St. Petersburg, a man filled his wife’s car with concrete. Allegedly, she decided to change her last name to participate in a local store’s campaign. The chain of supermarkets “Verny” (Faithful in English) started the campaign “Be Faithful” and offered participants to change their last name to Verny or Vernaya. Everyone is to receive […] More

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