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  • “Your classmate’s wedding” Online Community

    “Your classmate’s wedding” is a comunity on Vkontakte. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to a celebration of the happiest day in life: wedding day. Subscribers send photos of their friends, relatives, or their own wedding. The reason behind it varies. Some one wants to mock a classmate, someone envies a neighbor, and someone […] More

  • Ridiculous fiction books that make Russians dumber

    While exploring Russia’s book stores and markets, you might stumble upon a bunch of curiously titled and designed covers. These books are written by Russian fiction writers and provide a glimpse into their minds. But, the books are in high demand in equally twisted minded folks in Russia. Apparently, there is a Vkontakte community “Stupid […] More

  • Russians posting photographs of their work places

    Pikabu is a Russian social media and discussion website. Recently, Pikabu users started a movement, to post photographs from their work places. While some of the images show an average Joe jobs, many are quite interesting and give a glimpse into the daily life of Russians. No matter how big or small a job is, […] More

  • The Online Community That Collects Strange Vintage Postcards from Pre-Revolutionary Russia

    Online community “Stupid Postcards” collects images of bizarre vintage postcards. While some of them may have a point, some are hard to wrap a head around. So, without further ado, here are the most ridiculous postcard from the collection. More

  • Russia’s Richest Kids on Instagram

    “RRK”, these three golden letters are abbreviation of the Rich Russian Kids Instagram account. This closed community is for those, who have everything to show off to their subscribers. A list of their must haves include: expensive cars, private airplanes and parents’ wealth. The main point of the community is to showcase how quickly rich […] More

  • VK’s Shoplifting Community Set Up to Discuss Retail Theft

    Apparently, there is a subculture of shoplifters in Russia. They use Vkontakte and other social media to interact with each other. There, they share the information about the most vulnerable stores to shoplifters, sell stolen goods and even request items to be stolen. According to the community СПNЗДNЛИ disclaimer, “submitted posts are fictitious, any coincidence […] More

  • Immortalized: Russian Artist Draws Hilarious Portraits On Request

    Ivan Yunitsky works in a digital agency as the creative director, but he also enjoys drawing for fun. As a hobby, he runs an online community called Immortalized, where people submit photos to be drawn by him. His sketches come out ironic and a bit exaggerated. Ivan picks the essence of each submitted photo and […] More

  • The Online Community That Teaches Kids How To Get Sick And Skip School

    Social network VKontakte, known as Russia’s answer to Facebook, has a lot of weird communities. One of them, “How to skip school by being sick”, seems to be popular among teenagers in Russia. As the title implies, kids subscribe to post questions and help others on the ways how to skip school by being sick. […] More

  • “Spasibo, Yuri”: The Online Community That Blurs The Line Between Reality And Space

    Have you every imagined what if things were different on our planet? How would the sad reality that surrounds us would look like? Alexander Dobrokotov is the founder of the online community named “Spasibo, Yuri” (Thank you, Yuri). According to him, “Thank you, Yuri” is the ironic mix of sadness and happiness for the space […] More

  • An Eccentric Online Community Of Healthcare Workers To Show Off Their Legs

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, is the place to explore the quirky side of the Russian Internet. The VK once again proves, that ideas and topics of running an internet community are endless. The new addition to the madness is the community “Medlegs”, where users submit photos demonstrating their legs. Members of […] More

  • The Online Community That Makes Fun of the USSR

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, is Holy Grail of obscure and offbeat communities. One of them is Atypical USSR (unssr), which is actually a collection of vintage Soviet photographs with humorous and absurd captions. Visit their, Twitter, Instagram, More

  • Wacky Wedding Photos

    Russia’s largest social network VKontakte, has a community called “True Russian Wedding” with 40K subscribers. They share funny and amusing wedding photos and rate them. The administration of the community kindly reminds to keep a wedding photographer well paid. Otherwise, you might end up with the wedding pictures like these. More

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