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  • Moscow Subway Fashion

    Recently, we posted about the Saint Petersburg subway fashion. This time we going to take a peek inside Moscow Metro. With average daily ridership of 6.73 million passengers, Moscow subway has its own choice of eccentrics. There is a community on VKontakte and Instagram that collects photos of unusually dressed Moscow subway commuters. Here are […] More

  • Saint Petersburg Subway Fashion

    From bizarre haircuts to eccentric outfits and accessories, Saint Petersburg metro is the right place to spot freaks. There is a community page on VKontakte and Instagram that collects photos of unusually dressed commuters. Here are some of them. More

  • Melancholic Side of Russia

    Russian community “Toska” (Melancholy) at collects sad images of Russia. As the description reads “Melancholy is a social phenomenon which is, in fact, physically tangible in nature. The look and feel of the surroundings gets into your soul…” Some of the images chosen by the D3 community perfectly fit into the mood of freezing […] More

  • 4 Weird Communities on VKontakte

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, has many communities with narrow specific topics. How are they different from any other entertainment resources? Usually they do not use existing memes and don’t repost stuff from others (with rare exceptions). Also, they are specific niche oriented. Their audience is usually quite small, but because of […] More

  • The Power of Tears: Weird Group in VKontakte

    Social network VKontakte, known as Russia’s answer to Facebook, has a lot of weird communities. One of them, Sila Slezki (The Power of Tears) seems to be popular among teenagers in Russia. Teens upload crying selfies and rate them. Some posters are clearly looking for an emotional support, while others are crying for no obvious […] More

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