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  • This isn’t the Russian they’re looking for

    Last Sunday, in the city of Vichuga, 35 masked people entered a nightclub and attacked a table of five people. Attackers were heavily armed. Four victims were treated for light bodily injuries. Police were called in and managed to catch two of the perpetrators as they fled. However, they turned out to be OMON special […] More

  • Mrs World-2014: Yulia Ionina

    Yulia Ionina from Russia’s second largest city of St. Petersburg was crowned Mrs. World 2014 in Ecuador. “I am very happy I did it. It is a great achievement for me personally and for all Russian participants,” Ionina told Itar-Tass over the phone. She said she had met “a better than good” reception in Latin […] More

  • Hanging Out

    The lack of balcony didn’t stop these fearless teenagers from enjoying the fresh air in the city of Odintsovo. More

  • Hit and Run Russian Style

    An armed and deranged man was jumping on the cars in Saint Petersburg on August 8th, 2014. He’s got later arrested. – via More

  • Summer Weirdness in Russia

    Russia is famous for its extreme climate with hot and wet summers. Eccentric Russians use every possibility to enjoy sunshine and warm water, even in the least expected places. More

  • Peculiar Weddings in Pictures

    Rumor has it that the Russian weddings are getting more Westernized. In hopes of keeping the Russian charm, some may go to extremes. These breathtaking photographs of the Russian weddings are the evidence of that. More

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    Slav Squat – Russian Disturbing Street Trend

    Russian squat (slav squat, korty) refers to the squatting position often done by thugs while loitering/waiting outside. The position can be described as squatting with slightly relaxed arms hanging on the knees and almost touching the ground. More

  • Elena ‘Meg’ Urusova, the girl who redefines the geek stereotype

    Meet the pro gamer Elena ‘Meg’ Urusova (Елена Урусова). She has started playing video games back in 1999. 10 years later, the young woman has won the Counter-Strike female tournaments both in Russia and around the the world. Besides being good in the video games, she’s got the looks too. Back in 2012, she won […] More

  • Because He Can

    A Russian man climbed into the fish tank in a grocery store. The incident happened on March 16, 2014. “I’ve bet that I could do this and I did it!”. Seems like a reasonable explanation for a Russian, doesn’t it? More

  • Natalia Poklonskaya meme

    Natalia Poklonskaya is a 33-year-old former Ukrainian official who gained international fame online following her appointment as the chief prosecutor of the newly-created Autonomous Republic of Crimea in March 2014. More

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