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  • Grenade – patriotic toy for kids

    This toy is sold in a Moscow store: a make-your-own plaster of F1 grenade (for children aged 4+). The patriotic packaging declares: “Victories and successes are things for men! There is an art to being a man!” More

  • Putin opens 12-mile bridge between Crimea and Russian mainland, drives a truck

    On Tuesday Putin drove an orange Kamaz truck across the bridge as he opened the road to car traffic. “In different historical epochs, even under the tsar priests, people dreamed of building this bridge,” Putin told workers at the ceremony. – More

  • Photo of the day by Valentin Yegorshin from St Petersburg

    Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny and hundreds of other protesters have been detained by police at an unsanctioned demonstration on May 5 in Moscow. – The photo of teen protestor went viral today in social media. And more photos of teen protestors. More

  • Putin’s activists burning photos of Telegram messenger and it’s founder

    Recently, Russia’s federal censor, roscomnadzor, banned Telegram messenger because, allegedly, it’s founder, Pavel Durov, refused to share messenger’s encryption keys with them. In the video, Putin’s activists are burning the photos of Pavel Durov and Telegram messenger. More

  • How would Russia benefit from a change in its gambling laws?

    Gambling in Russia was first banned in 1927, but flourished after the fall of the Soviet Union However, it was banned again in 2007 – but allowed in four gaming zones across the country Under Putin’s presidency, legalisation looks unlikely, despite the potential economic gains The legality of gambling is something that divides the world. […] More

  • Residents of Volokolamsk “welcome” their mayor

    In the city of Volokolamsk, more than 100 children have been poisoned by gas from a landfill, which the residents of the city have been demanding to shut down for many months. Dozens of kids were hospitalized. Earlier this month riot police were called in to disperse protesters who complained their town was being polluted […] More

  • Vladimir Putin’s Genealogy

    A curious find in a Moscow bookshop: Vladimir Putin’s family history going back to the 1600s. Includes a giant family tree you can put on the wall (if you really want to). via twitter More

  • Meanwhile, in Africa

    Right now, somewhere in Africa, some Russians are training locals how to use Russian weapons accordingly, safely and respectfully. via youtube. More

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