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  • Neuro Jeep: Helmet That Lets You Control Objects With Your Mind

    “Neuro Jeep”, a helmet which is controlled by the power of thought was introduced by some young inventors in Moscow on Tuesday. This helmet is a result of combined research of neuro-interface technology and radio controlled toys. Recently, a group of young Russian inventors in Moscow have introduced a remotely controlled vehicle, that is controlled […] More

  • The Russian who will prove moon landings real

    Blogger and space enthusiast Vitaly Egorov (Zelenyikot) is the man behind the project to send a private microsatellite  to the moon. The satellite will have a capability of capturing high-resolution images and will attempt to find traces of man presence on the moon. Thus, he hopes to put an end to the Moon landing conspiracy […] More

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    The Closed Cities Of Russia

    Inherited from the Soviet Union, these cities host important sites of the atomic, metallurgical, chemical and military industries. They are called “forbidden cities” and “closed cities”, a Soviet phenomenon that still exists today. In modern Russia, most of these cities are now open, or almost … The concept of “closed city” appeared in the USSR […] More

  • Meet Russia’s Photoshop Trolls

    Photoshop is a great and powerful tool. It can take ordinary pictures and make them funny… or make them weird. In Russia, there are many people with awesome Photoshop skills, and those who don’t have any ability usually ask people for help online. Sometimes these requests go wrong. Basically, this is what’s going on: someone […] More

  • A team of Russians developing a Globe of Inner Earth

    There are many theories that explain the structure of the earth and the Hollow Earth theory is one of them. The team of Russians is set to produce the first series of the unique visual demonstration of this concept. This is what the project manager says concerning what they intend to do with this theory, […] More