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  • Photo story of a Murmansk resident buying iPhone X goes viral

    The action-packed photo story of Murmansk resident Natalya Netrebskaya, about her buying the new smartphone IPhone X goes viral on the Internet. The girl captured in the photos every step of the process of buying the phone. Whether she did it on purpose, in order to get likes or not, we might never know. However, […] More

  • Disfigured ears are the weird trend in Dagestan

    Disfigured ears is common among professional fighters. Cauliflower ear (also known as boxer’s ear or wrestler’s ear) is an acquired deformity of the outer ear, in which the ear thickens, wrinkles and folds on itself, coming to resemble a cauliflower. That is usually the result of blunt trauma, such as in boxing, wrestling, martial arts, […] More

  • Gopnik Themed Wedding

    Russian criminal subculture, known as Gopniki (Gopniks or Gopniki in Russian, plural of Gopnik), has own fashion preferences. The typical Gopnik outfit often includes Adidas tracksuits paired with a dress shoes. Blogger Superpechkin got a chance to attend very unusual wedding. This young couple decided to make their wedding day even more memorable and went […] More

  • The Things Russians Pledge To Do If Leonardo DiCaprio Wins an Oskar

    Twitter user @wylsacom asked his followers: “What will you do if Leonardo DiCaprio won’t get an Oskar tonight?” He’s got an overwhelming response from the Russians. Some answered the question, while others rephrased it in favor of their beloved actor. Either way, these replies are rather entertaining. More

  • Karina – Russia’s Video Game Streaming Celebrity is the leading game streaming website. The main feature of the website is video game streaming. Recently, typical Russian girl Karina Sycheva, aka Sharishaxd gained huge popularity. She is from the city of Belgorod, and in a short period she became a celebrity of the Russian audience of She has more than 120K […] More

  • Alaska’s Old Believers

    Russian culture in this place was once again ignited by the Old Believers, who came here from South America. Their ancestors fled Russia over hundred years ago, however,  they still consider themselves Russians. Russian prominent travel blogger Alexander Belenkiy visited Nikolaevsk, Alaska and has documented how the Old Believers live. More

  • The Kettlebell meme

    This afternoon we had a traditional Skype call with Georgia, with relatives of my wife. Among casual conversation, they mentioned that they are looking for an old Soviet kettlebell. Rumor has it, that someone is willing to pay for it big money, because “contents of the capsules is invaluable” and consists of some precious metals. […] More

  • An Eccentric Online Community Of Healthcare Workers To Show Off Their Legs

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, is the place to explore the quirky side of the Russian Internet. The VK once again proves, that ideas and topics of running an internet community are endless. The new addition to the madness is the community “Medlegs”, where users submit photos demonstrating their legs. Members of […] More

  • The Online Community That Makes Fun of the USSR

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, is Holy Grail of obscure and offbeat communities. One of them is Atypical USSR (unssr), which is actually a collection of vintage Soviet photographs with humorous and absurd captions. Visit their, Twitter, Instagram, More

  • Why are the streets so muddy in Russia?

    One of the eternal question that everyone asks in Russia is “why are streets and roads in Russia so muddy?” If there is one Russian word a visitor to the country should know, it is slyakot, a wonderfully onomatopoeic term that translates, simultaneously, as “slush” and “mud”… . Russia’s streets and roads disappear, only to […] More

  • Creepy Outdoor Decorations

    People all over the world are involved in enhancement of the looks of their yards. Russians are not an exception. However, lack of funds to hire professionals results in depressing scenery. More

  • Russian Armchair Warriors Meme

    Russian armchair warriors (divannye voiska, диванные войска, couch/sofa troops) is a humorous and  pejorative term that refers to fighting from the comfort of one’s living room. It describes activities such as speaking out in support of a war, battle, or fight by someone with little or no military experience.” Urban Dictionary describes the armchair warriors, […] More

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