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  • Planned Hot Water Shutdowns

    “Moscow City Hall website: Planned hot water shutdowns from the month of May till the end of August” Traditionally, Russian cities temporarily shut off hot water service to residences for a week or two during the summer months. In Russian cities, heat and hot water are provided centrally rather than from individual hot water heaters […] More

  • Putin’s activists burning photos of Telegram messenger and it’s founder

    Recently, Russia’s federal censor, roscomnadzor, banned Telegram messenger because, allegedly, it’s founder, Pavel Durov, refused to share messenger’s encryption keys with them. In the video, Putin’s activists are burning the photos of Pavel Durov and Telegram messenger. More

  • Ermak: New Russian smartphone that doesn’t let you install foreign-made apps

    Russian State tv aired a news segment about the new Russian smartphone. “We can see and control all user activities and even turn off their Internet. The most interesting part is, that the Ermak smartphone won’t support any popular foreign services. All needed software will be preinstalled and all data will be transferred via secure […] More

  • RIP, TV

    In the administration of the Kirov district of St. Petersburg, the monument to TV is installed. Officials, however, insist that this is a digital information screen for local residents, but no one believes them. More

  • Innovations at the “Open Innovations” international forum in Moscow

    This “innovative” garbage can for trash sorting was installed at the “Open Innovations” international forum in Skolkovo. While opening the lid of the garbage can, visitors can see that all trash sorting compartments are neatly organized by one plastic bag. The video of the “innovative” garbage can was uploaded to YouTube by one of the […] More

  • The bizzarre app of the day: Putin vs Aliens

    Google play has tons of games and some of them are just ridiculous. On Russian segment of Google play a game “Putin vs Aliens” is rapidly gaining popularity. Description states: “2015. Vladimir Putin performs the duties of the President of the Russian Federation. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the working day, he gets a call […] More

  • The Curious Story of – Russia’s 4chan

    This post is a bit technical, but provides a glimpse into what’s going on with anonymity on the Russian Internet. This post is speculative and opinionated. There is a Russian website, alternative of, which is called or simply Dvach. The website is the imageboard, community of anonymous users, mostly teenagers, who share thoughts, […] More

  • iPhone Madness in Moscow

    Desire to rule the world may be an apple of discord between US and Russia, but when it comes to the Apple, Russians are happy to buy US-designed smartphone. Moscow went crazy over iPhone7. People lined up for it for hours. The privilege to be first in a line, was sold for $783 in a […] More

  • Slavistan – the Most Realistic Slav Simulator

    Why are people throwing sneakers at me? Why is that bear wearing shoes? How can that guy sleep through this? And what is Cheeki Breeki? These are some of the questions, that may cross your mind, while playing Slavistan. It is a collection of three Russian themed bizarre mini games, that involve bar fight, Cossack […] More

  • Eerie Photographs of Russia’s Forgotten Future

    In the midst of the freezing winter, Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko travels to remote places where abandoned relics of Soviet innovation lie decaying. Surrounded by the snowy scenery, they stand out as ghostly reminders of Russia’s past: ambitions and a dream of utopia. His photo series, Restricted Areas, shows the human desire for constant improvement […] More

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