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  • Neuro Jeep: Helmet That Lets You Control Objects With Your Mind

    “Neuro Jeep”, a helmet which is controlled by the power of thought was introduced by some young inventors in Moscow on Tuesday. This helmet is a result of combined research of neuro-interface technology and radio controlled toys. Recently, a group of young Russian inventors in Moscow have introduced a remotely controlled vehicle, that is controlled […] More

  • The Russian who will prove moon landings real

    Blogger and space enthusiast Vitaly Egorov (Zelenyikot) is the man behind the project to send a private microsatellite  to the moon. The satellite will have a capability of capturing high-resolution images and will attempt to find traces of man presence on the moon. Thus, he hopes to put an end to the Moon landing conspiracy […] More

  • A Russian programmer found a vulnerability that allowed him to delete any YouTube video, but he resisted

    Kamil Hismatullin, a talented Russian programmer and security specialist, had the ability to delete everything on YouTube. All it took was sending a single, very short string of text to the site, and no matter whose video he’d targeted, it’d disappear as if the owner himself had removed it. As Gawker notes, “what’s more surprising […] More

  • RUSSIA ONE: Futuristic Trolley Car

    This futuristic-looking streetcar RUSSIA ONE has been presented in Russia. It’s equipped with GPS, GLONASS, HD cameras, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Also it will play music from the iCloud. Taking into account the cold winter climate, flooring will be heated, so no ice crust will be formed. It also has the following features: easy replacement […] More

  • A Botnet of Irons And Kettles

    Russian news channel Rossiya 24 showed footage of a technician finding a “spy chip” included in a batch of Chinese irons delivered to Saint Petersburg. Its correspondent said the hidden devices were mostly being used to spread viruses, by connecting to any computer within a 200m (656ft) radius which were using unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Other […] More

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