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  • Road sign pole in the middle of the road in Tosno

    This sign pole is installed in the town of Tosno. Previosly, we featured the power line pole in Primorsky Krai. Most likely, in most of these cases the road was extended, but contractors failed to move the poles. On the other hand, someone had to approve the projects. So, vicious circle of blaming and pointing […] More

  • Subway from a parallel universe

    No, this is not a scene from a sci fi movie. This is the process of sanitising the Moscow subway car, with ultraviolet lamps. Our universe is full of unusual stuff, one just needs to try to find it. Photo by Roman Vukolov. via More

  • Oddities of road construction in Russia

    A new road leading to a pig farm in the village of Vishnevka, Primorsky Krai, greets the drivers with the power line pole. Drivers have to drive around it on the shoulder. It worth noting, that relevant traffic signs are mounted on the pole. via More

  • Public transportation is on fire in Russia

    This week at least two videos of public transportation went viral in Russia. Residents of Orel filmed a bus driver, calmly driving through the streets of the city, while his bus is being on fire. It looks as if the driver did not pay any attention to the fire, but in fact, he just was […] More

  • Old airports of rural Russia

    Recently, photo series of Russian airports were posted on Facebook. Don’t expect to see the glamorous images of the airports of Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Kazan. These airports are located in the middle of nowhere. While some look like a scene from a zombie apocalypse, some of them are still functioning. Somehow these wooden structures […] More

  • Why are the streets so muddy in Russia?

    One of the eternal question that everyone asks in Russia is “why are streets and roads in Russia so muddy?” If there is one Russian word a visitor to the country should know, it is slyakot, a wonderfully onomatopoeic term that translates, simultaneously, as “slush” and “mud”… . Russia’s streets and roads disappear, only to […] More

  • The Mesmerizing Beauty of Russia’s Metro Stations

    The Moscow Metro architecture is the must see for visitors. Allegedly, Canadian architect-turned-photographer  David Burdeny,  was the first photographer to be authorized to shoot after hours of stations operation. The Moscow Metro opened in 1935, and was meant to be huge Soviet propaganda project. The luxurious architectural designs were intended to predict a bright future […] More

  • Yaroslavl City: Traffic Lights in the Middle of Nowhere

    In 2014, Yaroslavl City authorities came up with the plan to construct a road at this place. Due to lack of funding, this idea stayed on a paper. However, traffic lights were given a green light. According to Russian media, the value of the one traffic light is about 2 million rubles ($31,110). In addition, […] More

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