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  • The bizzarre app of the day: Putin vs Aliens

    Google play has tons of games and some of them are just ridiculous. On Russian segment of Google play a game “Putin vs Aliens” is rapidly gaining popularity. Description states: “2015. Vladimir Putin performs the duties of the President of the Russian Federation. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the working day, he gets a call […] More

  • Slash Arena: How a Russian built his video game

    Have you ever wondered, what it takes to build a video game from scratch? Well, Alex Simakhin just created one, and shared his experience with us. Backstory: Alex Simakhin used work in video game industry for 5 years. Just before leaving his job, a thought crossed his mind. “Why do I need to look for […] More

  • Slavistan – the Most Realistic Slav Simulator

    Why are people throwing sneakers at me? Why is that bear wearing shoes? How can that guy sleep through this? And what is Cheeki Breeki? These are some of the questions, that may cross your mind, while playing Slavistan. It is a collection of three Russian themed bizarre mini games, that involve bar fight, Cossack […] More