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  • The Road to Nowhere, literally

    Recently, this video went viral in Russia. According to the description, the incident happened near the city of Tyumen. The driver and passengers didn’t except the road to end so unexpectedly. via More

  • “I do not”: Dashcam Video of Runaway Bride Goes Viral

    Dashcam captures a runaway bride in the streets of Tula, Russia. The white car stops at a traffic light and the bride jumps out of it, followed by the groom. The bride seems very angry and doesn’t want to hear a word. But the groom tries to put her back into the car. While trying […] More

  • Creepy dashcam video shows wildfires in Chita suburbs

    Massive Siberian wildfires engulfed villages across the eastern Khakasiya region, killing at least 23 people and destroying hundreds of homes. Despite all efforts, wildfires continue spreading. Today, they are all over the suburbs of Chita, the city populated by more than 300,000 people. There are many videos on YouTube that captured how scary wildfires are. […] More

  • How Russian Drivers Communicate with Each Other When They Meet On a Narrow Roadway

    This video provides a glimpse into the unsettling way some Russians drivers communicate with each other. In a classic example of a road rage, two drivers meet on a narrow roadway in Novosibirsk and no one wants to backup. One of them goes for a sledgehammer. Fortunately for drivers, the conflict is solved peacefully. More

  • Superman from Omsk

    An unidentified pedestrian from Omsk jumped on hood of car to avoid being hit. For his amazing leap, locals named him ‘Superman’. – via More

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