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  • Superman from Omsk

    An unidentified pedestrian from Omsk jumped on hood of car to avoid being hit. For his amazing leap, locals named him ‘Superman’. – via More

  • Horse rammed into a car

    A dashcam captured unusual car accident involving horses in Chelyabinsk. Two animals ran across the road on a red light. One horse was able to slip between cars, while the second crashed into the car. A few seconds later, she stood up and walked in the opposite direction. More

  • Cow Makes Daring Escape

    Russian motorists witnessed curious incident near Nizhny Tagil. Cow jumped off the truck at speeds of around 50 km/h. Lucky animal got off lightly. The driver did not even notice that he had lost valuable cargo. – via More

  • The unexpected

    By now you have probably realized that the road system in Russia is not perfect and that not all road users obey the road rules. Some pedestrians do not do what you expect them to do. Just like this bizarre couple. More

  • Sneaky Driver

    Tired of waiting for the green light, this clever Russian driver decided to take action. More

  • Roadside rage

    Two guys were sorting things out in a typical Russian way, when one of them went for a gun. The other one, without hesitation, pulled out the axe. Fortunately, the weapons were not used and young people parted with peace. More

  • Grim Chelyabinsk Disney

    In the burst of road rage, the driver cut off the minivan intending to fight, but unexpectedly got beaten up by the cartoon characters. More

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