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  • Russian Army Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds UAZ-469 in Four Minutes

    As the 2016 Olympics are about to start, we decide to offer rather unusual and peaceful competition between countries. Here is an impressive performance by the Russian military, that can be matched by the Canadian and American military. Russian military crew managed to disassemble and put together UAZ-469: an off-road military light utility vehicle, in […] More

  • Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Compared Russian Women to Terminator

    Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and head of defense industry, Dmitry Rogozin, surprised his followers on Facebook by posting a video of a military exercise, with the participation of a woman. The footage shows a brave woman on a minefield. Dressed in a protective suit, she calmly walks through explosions, plumes of smoke and fire. The […] More

  • Dembel Madness: Over-the-top Military Uniforms of Demobilized Servicemen

    Those who have not been in the Russian army, probably don’t know what “dembel” means. “Dembel” is the last few month of mandatory military service. In Russian army, word “dembel” is used by soldiers to describe a state of the mood of waiting for those sweet moments to see their relatives and girlfriends. As a […] More

  • Edging the Snow: Bizarre Punishment in Russian Army

    In order to eradicate bad behavior, Russian troops are forced to do unusual things. To discipline the troops, Russian military commanders constantly come up with the bizarre ideas of punishment. One of them is edging the snow to make it perfectly squared. By the end of the day, soldiers feel completely exhausted, therefore, they are […] More