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  • Bear cub is trying to scare off passing trucks by roaring at them

    In Yakutiya, a bear cub was roaming around with his mom, when he noticed an approaching truck. At first, the bears started running away, but soon the little one decided to show who was the boss. The cub stopped and started to bravely roar at the truck. After making sure, that he successfully accomplished his […] More

  • A Russian Family Has Been Living With a Bear For 23 years

    While Russians are well known for their strange habits, the Panteleenko family definitely beats the usual limits. Svetlana and her husband Yuriy proudly call themselves the parents of Stepan, a 23-year old cute, cuddly and welcoming..bear. The couple adopted the animal when it was only 3 months old. Stepan, as he was unofficially named by […] More

  • Bear with Me: Mother and daughter enjoying picnic with a giant bear

    A family picnic themed photo shoot with a huge bear was done by photographer Olga Barantseva. The images illustrate a model and her daughter posing with a predator, but they are having fun and treating him like a cuddly teddy bear. Photo session went viral in Western newspapers, including the Daily Mail and the Sun. […] More

  • Kamchatka Bear Trails

    There are not many roads in Kamchatka, but plenty of bear trails. A series of depressions created by multiple bears placing their feet in the same footsteps year after year, some bear trails are used by other animals and even people. Bear trails can be a pleasure to walk on, however, as long as you […] More

  • Bears of Kamchatka, the Movie

    Located at the southern tip of Kamchatka Peninsula, Kurile Lake is often called the bear paradise. Soon, Russian film crew under the leadership of Dmitry Shpilenok will travel there to shoot a documentary about the curious life of bear families. The crew plans to spend one year filming the animals. This will allow to reveal […] More

  • Russian Models Pose with a 1,400 Pound Bear For Anti-Hunting Campaign

    As a part of an anti-hunting campaign, Russian models Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova took part in a photoshoot with a large, 1,433-pound bear, named Stepan. Photographer Olga Barantseva, who captured the images, explained: “We wanted to show the natural harmony between humans and bears. It is about showing a traditional friendship – just like […] More

  • Sochi Restaurant Owner Lost Custody of Alcoholic Bears

    20 years ago in Sochi, a Georgian restaurant owner got hold of a couple two brown bears. While the cubs were small, they were used for photo business. When they grew up, the owner placed them in cage next to the restaurant. People flooded the place, wanting to see the animals, so the restaurant revenue […] More