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  • Russia’s Quirkiest Post Offices

    Russian postal service has to have its offices in almost every settlement, despite the fact that Russia is huge as the country, with cities and small villages spread all over it. In general, you will see the post offices of provincial settlements, villages and major cities that are not in the best condition. More

  • American Bald Eagle Statue in the Heart of Saint Petersburg

    The Singer House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Saint Petersburg. Also, it is a home of largest and most famous bookshop, Dom Knigi (“House of the Book”). However, today we focus on the bald eagle statue; the symbol of the American pride, that sits on the glass dome of the Singer Company […] More

  • Soviet Brutalist Architecture Photographed by Frederic Chaubin

    When one thinks of  something fascinating, Soviet brutalist architecture does not come to mind. However, Frédéric Chaubin’s remarkable photographs, published under the curious title “CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed”, can change that perspective of many. French photographer has traveled the former Soviet Union since 2003, capturing  unusual sculptural buildings. Chaubin mostly focused on the edges […] More

  • Bublik: Unusual Cylindrical Apartment Building in Moscow

    During the Soviet times, Moscow authorities built many unusual buildings. One of them was the cylindrical apartment building which was constructed in 1972 by Soviet architect Eugene Stamo and engineer Aleksandr Markelov. Located in the district of Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, the building is called Bublic among residents and neighbors, due to its similarity to to a bagel […] More