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  • Space Calendar 2018

    St. Petersburg based artist Anastasia Prosochkina created the Space Calendar. Instead of the usual holidays and days off, she marked the dates that are important for space exploration. You can support her project on More

  • Syrian women pose for Russian military in ‘Thank You’ calendar

    RT reports, that “In a gesture of gratitude amid the ugliness of Syria’s civil war, a number of young Syrian women have made a New Year’s calendar for Russian soldiers. Wearing a modern interpretation of traditional Russian attire, each delivers a personal message.” The calendar went viral in social media and many users found the […] More

  • Holy Cats: 2016 Calendar Features Orthodox Priests With Their Beloved Pets

    In support of the modern Christian culture, a bizarre calendar is up for sale by the Orthodox website Pravmir. Titled “Priest + cat” (Поп+Кот), the calendar features photographs of active Orthodox priests and their cats. It includes 12 priests and 13 cats – Archpriest Peter Dynnikov was photographed with his two pets, according to Meduza. […] More

  • Putin Wall Calendar 2016: The World Is Not Enough

    Russian political satirist Andrei Budaev is known for his wall calendar of Putin. Recently, he created a new calendar for the year of 2016. Just like the James Bond movie, it is titled “The World Is Not Enough”, but this time the leading actors are the world leaders. More