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  • Victorious cats of Russian illustrator Alexander Zavaliy

    The Russian illustrator Alexander Zavaliy creates his art, by playing with paradoxes, combining contradictory things and seasoning them with an intrigue. The main characters of his humorous, and partially sad works are cats. Alexander finds inspiration in his surrounding environment. Mostly, his works are related to historical themes and allegory, though he often mixes genres. More

  • Novosibirsk Engineer Built a Cat Tank

    Novosibirsk engineer Ivan Veryasov made a cat tank, with a rotating turret. The idea to build a tank came to him several years ago, when he saw cat houses at a pet store. Mass produced cat houses appeared to be poor quality and even unsafe for animals. So, he decided to build a cat tank […] More

  • Today is The National Cat Day in Russia

    The National Cat Day is celebrated on March 1st in Russia. So, naturally we bring you some cats. We went throughout the most obscure communities of social media to pick out the recent images of cats that went viral in Russia. More

  • Holy Cats: 2016 Calendar Features Orthodox Priests With Their Beloved Pets

    In support of the modern Christian culture, a bizarre calendar is up for sale by the Orthodox website Pravmir. Titled “Priest + cat” (Поп+Кот), the calendar features photographs of active Orthodox priests and their cats. It includes 12 priests and 13 cats – Archpriest Peter Dynnikov was photographed with his two pets, according to Meduza. […] More

  • Kesha, the cat from the Arctic Svalbard archipelago

    With the Soviet architecture and a bust of Lenin, Barentsburg is a small Russian/Ukrainian community on Svalbard archipelago. In order not to disturb the ecological balance, keeping cats on the Arctic Svalbard archipelago is strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, the cat Kesha was brought there by Russians and the paperwork stated that it was an arctic fox. […] More

  • Camera Traps “Capture” Elusive Pallas’s Cat in Siberia

    Furry wild cats from the cold Russian steppes, Pallas’s cats are also called Manul, Steppe Cat or Rock Wildcat. In Russia, Manul’s habitat is Siberia: the Republic of Altai, Tuva, Buryatia and South-Eastern Transbaikalia. This endangered animal is very cautious. It’s very difficult to capture Pallas’s cats on camera. Recently, Russian scientists shared camera-trap photos […] More

  • Cat’s revenge

    This video featuring the fierce cat went viral this week. It has the best horror movie twist ending: leaving the fate of a guy unknown. More

  • Rare Photographs of Manul by Valeriy Maleev

    Manul is certainly one of the most popular cats on the Internet (well, maybe also the grumpy cat). There are thousands pictures and memes of Manul floating around the web. Manul, also known as the Pallas’s cat, has even own electoral campaign (Manul for President). In the wild, the cat stays away from people. It’s […] More