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  • Saint Petersburg train station platform renovation in one picture

    Saint Petersburg is getting ready for the World Cup 2018. On one of the platforms of a Moscow train station, major renovation is going on. The tile, which was laid down less than a year ago, is being replaced, by a new one with totally different pattern. via More

  • Novosibirsk Residents Express Dismay, After Historical Building Restoration Gone Wrong

    Located in Novosibirsk on 29 Chaplygin street, the elaborately decorated two-storey wooden house was built in the early twentieth century. In the fall of 2015 the “restoration” process of the building has started, which unexpectedly resulted in the completely changed appearance of the historical site. Until recently, the house had the status of historical and […] More

  • Yaroslavl City: Traffic Lights in the Middle of Nowhere

    In 2014, Yaroslavl City authorities came up with the plan to construct a road at this place. Due to lack of funding, this idea stayed on a paper. However, traffic lights were given a green light. According to Russian media, the value of the one traffic light is about 2 million rubles ($31,110). In addition, […] More

  • There, I Fixed It

    While renovating the exterior of Tver State Medical Academy, the construction workers run the electrical cables through the façade. More

  • After Sochi Olympics the place is falling apart

    Less than a year ago, Russia invested $16.7 billion in upgrading rails, roads and other infrastructure to prepare Sochi for the Olympics. Today was Sochi city day. On this occasion, the local government “repaired” the river railings, while showing remarkable ingenuity. The city officials have saved money even on the plaster railings. More

  • Insane Russian Construction

    During the last few days residents of Chelyabinsk were observing an interesting sight: a car left stranded on the tiny spot of land. More