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  • Historical photo: Mafia hanging out near the “Intourist” hotel, 1993, Moscow

    This photo captures the 1990s in Russia. If you look closely at the person on the right, you will notice that he’s wearing a burgundy suit jacket. Bordeaux and crimson suit jackets were very popular among the so-called “new Russians” (mobsters). These outfits were the main signs of their subculture. Also, mobsters loved wearing massive […] More

  • Heist of the century in Ussuriysk

    Unusual theft was captured on the security camera in Primorye. The incident occurred in Ussuriysk. A man drove up to a fishing store. There, next to the entrance to the building, he noticed a small rubber mat. Naturally, he opened the back door of his SUV, tossed the rug onto the back seat of his […] More

  • Surgeon Beats His Patient to Death

    On December 29, 2015, the outrage erupted in the city of Belgorod, after surgeon Ilya Zelenidov beat his patient to death. Shocking incident happened in the emergency room of the department of therapy. The incident was recorded on the surveillance camera. A nurse was examining the patient, who was brought in by EMT, when the […] More

  • New Year trees decorated with barbed wire

    These pictures of Christmas tree “decorations” are trending in Russian social media. Apparently, employees of the Botanical Gardens of Southern Federal University creatively decorated spruce trees around its main University building to protect from Christmas tree thieves. More

  • Girls who danced at Malaya Zemlya Memorial Got Arrested

    Girls, whose dance seemed obscene to some residents of Novorossiysk, were found guilty of misdemeanor by a local court. Girls in their twenties, uploaded to YouTube a video of them dancing in front of the WW2 memorial. The video supposed to be a promotional clip for their dance club. While gaining popularity in social networks, […] More

  • The Great Beer Heist: A resident of Omsk stole 20 tons of beer

    Omsk police detained an unidentified 22-year-old man, who is accused of stealing beer. The weight of the stolen beer was 20 tons (40,000 pounds) and valued over 1,068000 rubles ($20,700). While working in a transportation industry, the young man came up with a criminal plot. Allegedly, he found someone else’s passport on the street and […] More

  • Smolensk journalist arrested, faces fines after posting a historical photo of the Nazi occupation

    On February 28, Smolensk journalist Polina Danilevich was arrested and fined for Nazi propaganda. Polina Danilevich was taken to a local precinct, where she had to spend a few hours before being released. Her crime? On her “Vkontakte” page, she’s posted a picture of her neighborhood during Nazi occupation along with the caption “I found […] More

  • Russian man found hiding in refrigerator arrested

    In order to hide from law enforcement officers, 31-year-old Yekaterinburg resident chose the coldest place in his apartment: the fridge. For about an hour, he was sitting patiently in the refrigerator while police officers were questioning his mother. Police officers unexpectedly stumbled upon the alleged criminal when he froze enough and opened the fridge door. […] More

  • Woman smashed vehicle windows, taillights with sledgehammer in Angarsk

    A 31-year-old woman took her frustrations out on her ex-husband by smashing the windows and tail lights of his vehicle with a sledgehammer. Woman is now detained. Most likely she is going to face charges of malicious destruction of property. – More

  • This isn’t the Russian they’re looking for

    Last Sunday, in the city of Vichuga, 35 masked people entered a nightclub and attacked a table of five people. Attackers were heavily armed. Four victims were treated for light bodily injuries. Police were called in and managed to catch two of the perpetrators as they fled. However, they turned out to be OMON special […] More

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